Self worth is your biggest asset that nobody told you about. 

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Nobody Will Treat You Better Than You Treat Yourself

Many people are suffering from low self worth, after all, I was one of them. I thought that being smart was more important than having self worth. So, I didn't maintain my self worth and focused on being smart. This was one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made. I kept failing to really thrive in life. I had a great education, certifications, skill, experience, by almost all measure of success, I should have been thriving.

We don't talk about it in our society because we underestimate the value of self worth. Feeling good about myself sounded nice, but was it really helpful? I could analyze and think through strategy, what did I need to feel good for?

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The Need

You Are Enough

To every husband or father who has struggled to provide for their family. To every adult who was bullied or abused as a kid. To every job seeker who is struggling to get out of bed in the morning to meet with more rejection. To every person who has had the burning desire of entrepreneurship within them, but failed. We invite you to grow your self worth. God and The Universe will grant you the success you desire and more importantly, deserve.   

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It's Okay to Admit

Let's get honest and vulnerable for just a minute. Culturally, it is as though we should be ashamed to admit we might have low self worth. But why?

Until we take a look at our self and ask, "Do I have high self worth?" We may have been just ignoring that empty feeling inside of us. Let's be honest, most of us can recognize low self worth in others if we take a moment to look. If we can recognize it in others, they can recognize it in us. You can fix it, you just need to make the decision to. We're here to help. We are passionate about this topic and the impact it can make.

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Everyone Manifests

Manifestation is the process where you ask God or The Universe for something and it makes its way to you. The truth is, it works for almost everyone to some extent, but may work only in certain areas of life. Many very successful people don't even know they are manifesting (it feels so natural or lucky). Others recognize it and think it is something cool they do. Others think their success is because they are just really smart (which may also be true).

I was one of those people that it was really hit and miss (but  mostly miss). Occasionally something would come through, but it was never reliable. I don't like anecdotes, but had heard enough about manifestation that I knew something was there. Self worth was the piece I was missing.

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