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Highly analytical and resourceful Business Development Strategist with a strong background in internet and classical marketing, project/program management, and hard science. Experienced in working with incremental, platform, and disruptive technologies, having worked with Fortune 500 to start-ups on technology evaluations through market introduction. Excellent cross-functional team leadership skills and successful in building high-performance teams while developing deep and lasting relationships. Has been told he is brilliant and has a great sense of humor.

Kenneth Anderson, MBA, PMP

It's a transliteration, the first part is Ali- in reference to Alliance, Ally, and Allay. Building alliances with smart people or having an ally who can help you move past obstacles growing your business. Allay is to help relieve or alleviate pain. You are stuck, and we can fix that with our consultants.

-qon /kon/ is the consulting side of the group. We recognize that consultants can be dry, but can also be quirky smart as well. We want to be fun, but also easy to work with.  

The last part of this is Aliq- which is part of aliquot which alludes to the affinity this group has for science. An aliquot is a portion of a liquid solution. Hence we are part of the solution.

Aliqon /ali-kon/

Why Business?

Some businesses are non-profits, but they weren't planned that way... If this sounds like your business, give us a call. If your business has plateaued or you feel stuck, give us a call. If we can't make your life and business better, we'll be honest with you.

Science impacts all of us from the moment we step into the shower in the morning to the bed and sheets we sleep in at night. Our understanding of science helps us to ask better and more intelligent questions. Almost every business has some element of science as well whether it is psychology, physics, biology, or chemistry. 

Why Science?

Why Project Management?

Project Management actually originated with NASA. As they were planning on launching the US into the stratosphere they needed tools to help with planning and coordinating the whole process. And BOOM! Project Management was born, but so what?

Why should you care about project management in your marketing, brand design, or any other aspect of services? Imagine for a moment you were doing a really important launching a person into outer space and you only had one chance. This is at the

core of project management, doing something you've never done before and expecting it to be successful. 

Project Management gives us a systematic and holistic way to think about complex problems (projects) in a structured way.


Isn't one of Murphy's laws, anything that can go wrong will go wrong? Project Managers are trained to look for these pitfalls, along with ensuring there is a logical flow to all the activities and that the right people are involved at the right time. As a result quality is delivered at every step leading up to a successful completion. 

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