Issues & Insecurities

Everyone has issues and insecurities. Many times our ego will step up and deny that we do in an attempt to protect ourselves. Usually they are below the surface in our subconscious and they affect our decisions, how we react, or what limits we have. 

We may have gained them from different events in our life. Sometimes they can be a misinterpretation from our childhood or they can be more serious such as sexual, emotional, or physical abuse. They may have also come as imprinting from our parents because of their example or issues they never resolved.

They go into our subconscious and become a routine that gets played when a situation arises. It may have happened so long ago that we've just forgotten about it. Or it is programming could be more recent. This memory can also be stored in your body.

These can be addressed in a number of ways, you need to choose the right one for you. When digging into this, we highly recommend doing anything under the supervision of a licensed therapist.


Below are different therapies:

  • Talk therapy (seeing a counselor)

  • Deep meditation

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Shadow integration

  • Reparenting yourself

  • Tapping

  • Psych-K

  • Neuro Linquistic Programming (NLP)

  • Reiki

When you have found the underlying issue, you know that you have moved towards resolving it because you will feel a release in your body. You will also no longer feel triggered by the issue.

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