The Self Worth Workbook

The workbook covers provide many strategies for increasing your self worth. It provides the fundamentals that every persons should know about increasing self worth and living authentically to themselves. Our step by step guide will lead you through the process to develop and protect your self worth as well as strategies for stepping into your worth.

Raising Your Child With High Self Worth - Pre-Order Today

As parents, the greatest gift we could give our children is high self worth. This does not mean we indulge the child and offer high levels of praise and reward. We cover strategies that help to imprint the child with high self worth. 

Other Programs


We highly recommend the To Be Magnetic Program with Lacy Philips. It is about unlocking your ability to manifest what you want in your life. It has modalities that allow you to reprogram your subconscious and address issues impeding your ability to thrive. We do not collect a commission for referring people to this program, we've found it extremely helpful in moving to the next level. 

TBM - Unblock Money Workshop Augmentation - Pre-order Today

In this augmentation guide to the TBM Unblock Money, we cover additional information that will move you along the pathway for money to start flowing into your life.  We go deeper into the energetics of money and provide strategies and information to support your money manifestation process.  

TBM - Maturity Models for Manifestation

What does good look like? How do I know when I am getting there? The tool identifies specific domains within yourself. It provides examples of what good looks like within each of those domains. When we know what good looks like, then we can aspire to it, otherwise we have nothing to compare to.  People who use this audit tool progress faster. 

DayLuna 2.JPG

Dana and Shayna with DayLuna do a fun and interesting podcast on Human Design. They cover a lot of great basic information for those new to human design. They also offer human design readings, packages, and other events. We suggest you start with the podcast to get the basics, but also consider a reading when you are ready. Direct link to their podcast


To address some self worth issues, they can be deeply rooted in your subconscious. These are not things you can think more positive to overcome, you may not be aware you have them down there. We have partnered with a select group of experienced therapists who can lead you through discovery and addressing them.

April Behunin - RTT

April was personally trained by Marissa Peer and has worked with men and women across the world, witnessing incredible breakthroughs and transformations. She currently focuses on clients with issues such as confidence, anxiety, depression, addiction, and eating disorders.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is an extremely effective therapy that combines the best aspects of Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Neurolinguistic Programming.

Email April 

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