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I like to listen to podcasts. Frequently I am blown away when I start hearing something and know what is going on in the background (the woo woo side) that explains what is happening in the foreground. 

So often we look for tangible clues to explain what we see. In reality, it is what we don't see that may provide the bigger insight to what is happening. 

The following podcast is of Travis Sego who is a mentor of Ryan Daniel Moran of Travis explains what happens when entrepreneurs plateau. When you listen between the lines, you will realize he is talking about how Ryan has separated his self worth from his success and money. Ryan will maintain and control his self worth, even if he were to lose everything he owned.

The powerful lesson here is that when we place our self worth on tangible objects, we are giving our power away. If we were to lose that object, we too would lose our self worth. By placing it within ourselves, we control what we will become. Enjoy!

Travis Sago's Secrets to Success and Happiness


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