To be very honest, I will try things out, what the heck! What do I have to lose! However, I also like to see results and data. As for the Law of Attraction, it is probably the hardest and most frustrating experience. I had heard about it, but never really knew how to interact with it. 

If you've never read, "Think and Grow Rich"(or even if you have) here is a quick summary. Napoleon Hill is invited to meet with Andrew Carnegie in the early 1900's. Over the course of three days Mr. Carnegie shares with Napoleon how he has earned his vast fortunes. In quick summary, he sets his eye on a target and moves his emotions in that direction and then it comes to him.

Andrew Carnegie offers to introduce Napoleon Hill to all of his millionaire friends to also interview them. Over the next 20 years, Napoleon conducts about 100 interviews and he gets the same story from each person. 

Few people are aware of what a failure Napoleon Hill was. While being an author was overall successful for him, he failed at many other endeavors. He virtually walked out on his wife and kids pursuing ventures to make money. At one point, he bought a saw mill and it later failed with him owing others lots of money. 

How can this be? The author of one of the top 20 books people should read was himself couldn't make the Law of Attraction work. Even after reading his book, the Law of Attraction was really hit and miss for me. Anecdotally from "The Secret" and so many other books I knew something was there, but didn't know how it all fit together. However, I knew it wasn't working reliably for me. 

In April of 2020, the year of the pandemic, COVID-19. I was working as a landscaper in a bridge job to make ends meet. I would have lots of time to listen to podcasts and decided to once again investigate the Law of Attraction. 

My journey began with The Expanded Podcast by Lacy Philips and Manifestation 101. She began to recount her own story with the Law of Attraction and it being really hit and miss. She studied every book from the age of 17 to 25, being tutored by her grand mother. At 25 she stopped and decided to track when something manifested and start looking for consistent patterns. The number one factor to come through was self worth. Once she said this, I knew she had the missing piece. 

Correlated to Napoleon Hill's work, it made perfect sense. Everyone Napoleon interviewed had high self-worth. He was interviewing a biased sample. The fact that Lacy had gone from the same inconsistent experience resonated with me.

Through church, I had also wondered about growing our faith. How does one grow their faith? Reading scriptures, praying, and following divine guidance were all classic church answers. I had followed them for years but didn't feel as though my faith grew commensurate with my effort. 

Applying my effort on growing my self worth on the other hand has had so much more of a profound effect on my faith and feeling connected to God and The Universe. Personally, I feel as though I am having experiences that are closer to those recorded in the scripture. Very direct guidance from divinity. 

Rock bottoms are a magical times when our self worth is most malleable and we can have it jump multiple levels if we invite it and allow it to come in. We can continue to push it to higher levels.

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